Finding your way around campus can be a challenge, especially for new students, visiting lecturers or visitors. A digital map with all relevant location-related information of your university enables more efficient operations and supports the cost-effective use of material and human resources. This can save costs while reducing stress and uncertainty for staff, students, visitors and service personnel.

Perfect support of your processes

Maintain an overview at all times - even in complex environments

Navigate the Campus

Digital navigation helps reduce stress and uncertainty for staff, students, visitors and service personnel, avoiding delays or missed lectures.

Directions for external visitors

Enable easy access for external service providers or guest lecturers. In addition to navigation to university-relevant destinations, our digital maps also provide information on nearby parking spaces and their occupancy rates.

Emergency guidance

If the worst comes to the worst, it's all about precise communication. Are you equipped for this? With VIRTUAL TWINS you can provide important information, for example on the exact location of a fire source, and forward it in a targeted manner.

Event planning

Use VIRTUAL TWINS in the event management of your university. Send the location of your event by email or QR code and visitors to public events can navigate specifically to the room in question.

Asset tracking

Asset tracking enables you to identify the location of mobile devices at any time so they can be used quickly and safely. Maximise the benefits of mobile assets and increase staff productivity.


With the help of our maps, we support the removal of barriers for people with limited mobility by explicitly showing routes to barrier-free facilities and premises.

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