Every year, hospitals lose money due to missed appointments and misplaced equipment. In addition, it can be difficult for patients, visitors and staff to find the right department or room. A digital map with all relevant location-based information about your hospital enables more efficient operations and supports the economical use of material and human resources.

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Maintain an overview at all times - even in complex environments

Information & Reception

Patients and visitors often do not find their way to their destination. As a result, queues form at the information desk or staff are delayed. Digital navigation offers a sustainable solution for guiding patients and visitors.

Patient registration

Without a smooth process, appointments cannot be kept and follow-up examinations are delayed or rescheduled. With digital patient routing you can solve these problems and ensure a smooth daily routine in the clinic.

Reconstruction & Reorganisation

Construction measures and reorganisation are part of everyday hospital life. The analogue signage no longer does justice to the changes and often lags behind. With VIRTUAL TWINS, all building and room information is now always up-to-date.

Emergency guidance

If the worst comes to the worst, it's all about precise communication. Are you equipped for this? With VIRTUAL TWINS you can provide important information, for example on the exact location of a fire source, and forward it in a targeted manner.

Asset tracking

Asset tracking enables you to identify the location of mobile devices at any time so they can be used quickly and safely. Maximise the benefits of mobile assets and increase staff productivity.

Service provider management

VIRTUAL TWINS gives you precise information on where repairs or maintenance need to be carried out. Save time by eliminating the need for joint inspections and allowing service providers to find their way directly.

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