Map management

With our intuitive CMS, you can manage and provide your building maps from a single location. Changes to room assignments, points of interest or temporarily blocked routes and areas can be created and edited in real time. Adjustments are live on your digital building map within minutes.

Many features for an intelligent building experience


Our building maps can be freely adapted according to your ideas.

With the help of our CMS, it is easy to add and change POIs, close certain areas due to construction work or adjust room assignments within minutes.

Building changes can be automatically updated in a few minutes with our CAD plugin.

User-based maps

Manage different user groups with individually definable access rights and map views.

While only public areas are displayed to visitors, employees receive a complete overview of the information relevant to them.

Ensure that sensitive building data is only accessible to designated personnel and that you retain control over your data at all times.

Create future-proof buildings with us

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