Intelligent indoor maps & real-time positioning are getting buildings in shape for the digital future

Based on digitalised building data, the VIRTUAL TWINS platform solution enables fast and accurate information about all rooms/POIs in a building. Fast orientation at floor level or on campus grounds and navigation to all potential destinations becomes possible. As a result, we create more productive time for people.

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Finally receive all the important information, understand contexts and find places.

By providing location-based information where it is needed, you achieve significantly more effective and efficient processes with measurable success.

No download needed

Inform via webapp - in real time. Immersive and intuitive.

Obtain important information

Accessibility and focus on tailored, relevant information.

Identity & Access Management: Not everyone gets to see everything.

Users see the details they are meant to see. No more and no less.

Ensure safety

Sensitive building data remains accessible only to designated staff.

One building - many versions

Show the same building in different versions - without extra effort.

Finding your way around campuses of all sizes? We've created 3D maps for that.

High-resolution, realistic 2D and 3D campus representations, transform your buildings into the digital world. VIRTUAL TWINS - overview made simple.


Maintain an overview at all times by recognising existing buildings.

2D and 3D

Easy switching between classic 2D map and dynamic 3D representations enables optimal use - depending on the process.

To update a room in 60 seconds - that's how Smart Hospital works.

Update rooms, POIs or conversion measures independently and intuitively - so that our solution remains financially sustainable for you in the long term.

Updates within minutes

Machine learning technology enables low life cycle costs and independent updating via our CAD plug-in.


Do not become dependent on service providers and retain control yourself.

Navigate to any destination - even if it takes millions of routes.

Whether from home to the meeting room, from office to office or between different buildings on campus. Navigate accurately to your destination at any time with automatically created navigation routes.

Each room/POI to each room/POI

We digitalise all the destinations of your buildings, really all of them.

Safely reach the destination

Turn-by-turn route navigation allows you to get to your destination the fastest way possible.

Why are our customers so convinced by our solution?

Our platform creates more time for productive processes, increases the security of information and reduces costs.

Work effectively with CAD data

By transferring and processing CAD building data, we are able to digitally map buildings in just a few days while transforming them into real geodata. We love CAD data.

Map updates in minutes

Using our CAD plugin, changes to rooms are updated on the map in a matter of minutes. Unique, cost-effective and fast - we are quite proud of that.


The IMDF standard allows you to use indoor maps on your website, in your apps and in all your processes

High-resolution 3D representations

Buildings can be represented almost photo-realistically in three dimensions. The high level of detail enables easy recognition and orientation in and around the building. This facilitates higher process efficiency.

User-based maps

User groups see the details they are supposed to see. No more and no less. In this way, we ensure that sensitive building data is only accessible to certain users. And that for the entire campus and every room.

Flawless integration

The VIRTUAL TWINS platform can be connected to various applications and systems through standardised interfaces. Information from data sources is georeferenced and visualised on the map in real time.

Economic benefits of a digitalised building twin

Take workload off your staff long term

Autonomous navigation relieves employees and enables efficient work processes as well as maximum visitor satisfaction.

Interoperability for maximum benefit

Integration into website, native apps, terminals, social media and RTLS enables efficient use of all available data.

Fast and inexpensive implementation

High-end 2D/3D maps can be implemented within a few weeks at reasonable cost.

No own resources necessary

Hardly any resources are required from you to implement the VIRTUAL TWINS platform into your existing digital infrastructure.

Create future-proof buildings with us

Discover VIRTUAL TWINS - Your platform for indoor mapping, positioning & real-time localisation