Offices are places of collaboration that benefit from smart solutions for a smooth working day. With our digital maps, we offer solutions that help companies make full use of their buildings, monitor occupancy, manage bookable workspaces and successfully coordinate meetings.

Perfect support of your processes

Maintain an overview at all times - even in complex environments

Navigation for employees & visitors

Digital navigation helps reduce stress and uncertainty for staff, visitors and service personnel, avoiding delays or missed meetings.

Reorganisation of departments

Particularly in larger companies, there is always a reorganisation of existing departments. With VIRTUAL TWINS, changes can be made independently and all building and room information is updated in minutes.

Efficient onboarding

Onboarding new staff is very time-consuming for existing staff. Our digital maps relieve existing staff of the onboarding process and allow new staff to move autonomously.

Invitations to meetings

VIRTUAL TWINS facilitates the organisation of meetings. The digital map shows where the nearest available rooms are located and the navigation to the respective room can be shared via link, email, SMS or Slack.

Emergency guidance

If the worst comes to the worst, it's all about precise communication. Are you equipped for this? With VIRTUAL TWINS you can provide important information, for example on the exact location of a fire source, and forward it in a targeted manner.

Near-term refinancing

VIRTUAL TWINS pays for itself quickly: studies from completed projects show that the investment pays for itself after just one year.

Create future-proof buildings with us

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