Finding your way around a exhibition can be a challenge. A digital map not only solves existing navigation problems, but also opens up new possibilities for marketing the exhibition for organisers and exhibitors. The location of exhibitor spaces can be visually displayed during rental. Personalised routes and notifications can be provided for visitors based on individual interests and needs.

Perfect support of your processes

Maintain an overview at all times - even in complex environments

Exhibition preparation and arrival

With VIRTUAL TWINS, all relevant information on how to get there by car, public transport or on foot can be presented in a convenient and mobile way. Exhibitors can share this information via QR code or link.

Navigation to the exhibition stand

Our digital maps allow visitors to quickly and easily find their destination within the exhibition building and make the most of their time at your exhibition. With additional integrated information such as opening hours and events, a new experience is created.

Meeting planning

VIRTUAL TWINS digital maps can be used to plan individual appointments or entire exhibition tours. From the desktop, markers can be set with destinations to which descriptions can be added. These can be shared via all channels.

Emergency guidance

If the worst comes to the worst, it's all about precise communication. Are you equipped for this? With VIRTUAL TWINS you can provide important information, for example on the exact location of a fire source, and forward it in a targeted manner.

Visibility for exhibitors

By offering your exhibitors a presence on the digital exhibition map, you can increase their visibility among visitors and thus achieve higher exhibition participation.

New marketing opportunities

By visualising the exhibitor stands, the situation can be better assessed and prices can be justified. The visualisation can be integrated into the booking process.

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