Indoor mapping

Our scalable, digital and interactive building maps lay the foundation for visualising, using and managing information in and around your building. Using the VIRTUAL TWINS platform, you get a fully geo-referenced building that can be visualised in 2D and 3D and enhanced with all relevant information.

Many features for an intelligent building experience

Preparation and import of CAD data

By transferring and processing CAD building data, we are able to digitally map buildings and transform them into real geodata in just a few days.

User-based maps

User groups with individually definable access rights receive different map views. Ensure that only information relevant to the user is displayed. Sensitive building data thus remain accessible only to the designated personnel.

Map updates in minutes

With the help of our CAD plug-in, changes to the building are updated on the map in just a few minutes. All building data can be maintained sustainably and independently.

2D and 3D for outstanding overview

Your needs are our priority. Through various visualisation options, buildings can be displayed classically as a 2D map, but can also be shown almost photorealistically in 3D.

The high level of detail enables easy recognition and orientation in and around the building.

Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

Navigate safely between different buildings on the same campus. Our digital building maps are geo-referenced to standard exterior maps, allowing a seamless transition from outside to inside.


With VIRTUAL TWINS, you enable smooth and adapted navigation for people with limited mobility.

If the user selects the option "Accessibility" via a checkbox, all suggested routes are automatically adapted to the user's needs and only barrier-free routes are displayed.

Create future-proof buildings with us

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