Indoor positioning

Various indoor positioning systems can be easily connected to the VIRTUAL TWINS platform. This allows the position to be displayed on the map in real time while navigating through the building. Mobile assets can be equipped with tracking sensors to enable efficient use and reduce costly searches. Common technologies such as WLAN, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and GPS are used.

Many features for an intelligent building experience

Asset tracking

Use the building maps of VIRTUAL TWINS and connect your assets with real geodata.

Through real-time localisation and visualisation of assets, they can be displayed on the interactive map.

This saves you costly searches for inventory and relieves employees.

Hardware independence

An open platform structure enables the connection of different indoor positioning systems such as Wi-Fi triangulation or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Depending on the application, there are advantages and disadvantages of the individual technologies. We help you find the best solution for your needs.

Blue Dot Experience

Our building maps in combination with an indoor positioning system enable navigation with metre accuracy and a blue dot on the map.

Ensure that employees, visitors and service providers reach their destination safely, quickly and efficiently.

Create future-proof buildings with us

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