Identity and access management for Indoormaps

Role based access, identity and access management ensure that not only sensitive building data is protected, but also that every user receives customized information.

In a world where information is playing an increasingly important role, we are constantly looking for solutions to protect sensitive data and at the same time provide customized information. This balancing act between security and accessibility is particularly important in the area of indoor maps. This is where the concept of role based access and identity and access management (IAM) comes into play.

Indoor maps: More than just maps

Innovative software ensures that we no longer have to rely on static maps, PDF plans and physical signs to find our way. Smart indoor maps allow us to maintain an overview and find our way around in complex indoor spaces, such as hospitals, universities, airports or large office buildings. However, in such dynamic environments, it is crucial that not every user has access to all the information.

Customized information for all users

The role based access in VIRTUAL TWINS addresses this challenge. Imagine a hospital implementing an indoor navigation solution. Information relevant to medical staff or service providers differs quite significantly from that relevant to visitors. This is where identity and access management come into play. Different information is displayed on the interactive map based on the user's identity and role.

Protection of sensitive data and optimized user experience

This approach offers two benefits. On the one hand, sensitive building data, such as security areas or confidential departments, can be protected from unauthorized access. On the other hand, the amount of information by only displaying the data relevant to the user is reduced. The result is an optimized user experience where each user is provided with the exact information they need without being overwhelmed by unnecessary details.

A win-win situation

The integration of role based access, as well as identity and access management in indoor navigation solutions, creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. Building managers can protect sensitive data, users receive customized information, and the technology itself can be used in a variety of ways without the added expense of creating different versions of building maps. Our solution shows how technology can help improve both safety and the user experience in complex buildings.

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