Looking back at med.Logistica 2023

A brief recap of this year's med.Logistica 2023, as well as our presentation on the implementation of our indoor maps with the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Hamburg.

It has been a few days since med.Logistica 2023, and we can proudly look back on our presentation on indoor navigation at the Bundeswehr Hospital in Hamburg. Jan Foxley and Ralf Westarp presented the exciting live application of VIRTUAL TWINS and emphasised the many benefits of this technology in everyday hospital life.

These benefits include:

  • Saving time by reducing the need for directions: Precise indoor navigation makes it possible to save time on wayfinding, as both staff and patients can easily find the shortest route to their destination.
  • Easier orientation for new employees: Indoor navigation offers an easy way for new team members in particular to find their way around the hospital, which reduces familiarisation time and increases productivity.
  • Improving outpatient processes through punctuality: Precise navigation helps to minimise delays in outpatient processes by getting patients and medical staff to their destination on time.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Smooth navigation in the hospital contributes to a pleasant patient experience and thus helps to increase patient satisfaction.
  • Improved accessibility: VIRTUAL TWINS makes it possible to show barrier-free routes and access points in the hospital to facilitate the mobility of patients with reduced mobility.

The introduction of VIRTUAL TWINS at the Bundeswehr Hospital in Hamburg has created a completely new form of independent orientation. This technology integrates seamlessly into existing processes and increases the efficiency of hospital operations. We are proud to be part of this development and look forward to further opportunities to drive innovation in the healthcare sector!

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